Parenting Teenagers Can be Frustrating & Stressful

Constant arguing, walking around on eggshells, feeling disrespected, never being able to say anything right; these are common experiences of parents who are living with teenagers.

As teenagers become more defiant, more resistant, and generally unresponsive, do you find yourself as a parent saying and doing things you promised you would never do?

​Are you feeling more alienated from  your teenager every day? No matter what you do to try and connect you keep getting shut out. Maybe you feel like you are becoming a bystander in your teenager's life, unable to have a meaningful relationship.

It doesn't have to be that way....

Discover How To Effectively Parent Your Teen With Calmness & Control

Hear Parent Coach & Youth Specialist Chris Hudson, explain how you can create a harmonious and enjoyable relationship with your teenage kids, and still maintain discipline and respect.

Raising teenagers doesn't have to be one long argument or an endless fog of frustration and helplessness. Learn how to parent your teen with purpose and composure. Put the days of ranting and threatening behind you. Come and find out how you can raise a teenager without all the drama.

At this Parenting Event You Will Discover...

  • How modern parenting trends are making parents more stressed and less effective
  • The number one thing parents of teenagers should focus on - Get this right, everything else falls into place
  • The vital step to influencing your teenager's behaviour that many parents leave out
  • How to create a culture of respect in your home - which doesn’t breed resentment
  • A “radical” approach to communicating with teenagers that actually works
  • The essential principles of parenting to get teens taking responsibility


All participants receive access to an online Parenting Teenagers course FREE

"Fabulous to have Chris back again, what a wealth of information and great tips for parents"

-Sharon T (Parent of 2 Teenagers)

Who Is Youth Specialist Chris Hudson?

Parent coach and youth specialist Chris Hudson M.Ed. has been working with teenagers and their parents for over 20 years. A former youth worker, Chris founded a service called Understanding Teenagers specifically to help adults who live and work with teenagers.

An entertaining and engaging speaker, Chris delivers talks about living and working with teenagers to audiences around Australia.​

Chris lives in the Illawarra and is married with 3 kids, including a teenager.

"Chris challenges the common erroneous beliefs we have about teenagers"

"Chris is a very clear and effective communicator and has much wisdom to offer any parent in general that has a teen but specifically one that has a teen that seems lost, unmotivated or stuck."

-Lynn Holloway (Parent of 16 yo)

"Chris Hudson explains all the concepts with total clarity..."

"... he gives examples that, as parents, we can all relate to. As a result, after just a few months, my relationship with my son has gone from tense, defensive and uncommunicative, to relaxed and open, where we share things, chat to each other and spend quality time together."

-Kate Babb (Parent of 17 yo)

"Chris stimulated some great thought and action..."

"One of the teachers asked us all on Tuesday morning “Who else went home and tried some of yesterday’s ideas” and everyone with kids agreed."

-Peter McKenna (School Principal & Parent)


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All attendees get free access to a parenting teenagers coaching course


To further assist parents attending the evening, Chris will be providing free access to his 4 week online coaching program Relationship Reboot for Parents & Teenagers. This course is exclusively for people who attend Parenting Teenagers Without the Drama, and builds on the concepts introduced during the evening by providing further insights and strategies.

Each week you will have access to content that goes into greater depth on particular concept spoken about during the presentation. The content will include more tips and ideas to improve your parenting, plus exercises and questions to help you apply the strategies involved to your particular situation.​



Thursday 7pm

​Lvl 3 Cafe Essay & Conference

11-13 Burelli Street



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