​​​​​​Start Seeing Positive ​Changes in Your Teenager Tomorrow

​Learn how ​you can effectively manage the most common types of ​problem teenage behaviour.  ​​With ​clear explanations on why your teenager is acting the way they are,  ​​and ​straight forward strategies ​you can put in place right away, this eBook will put you back in control.

Practical Insights to Help You Manage Your Teenager's Behaviour

​​​​If your ​teenager's behaviour is leaving you stressed, confused and feeling a little helpless, the strategies and explanations in this book will help put you back in the driving seat as a parent.

Over 50 pages of solid advice to make managing your teenager much ​easier and a lot less stressful.

​Behaviours ​Covered In the Guide Include

  • ​Constant  Argu​ing
  • ​Rudeness & Defiance
  • ​Lying
  • ​Angry Outbursts
  • ​Lack of Motivation
  • ​Endless Technology Use

​​Respond to Your Teenager's Behaviour
 With Purpose and Confidence

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